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    Ok here goes, and I would like help and input.

    I began my trading life with fundamentals with very little or no regard to anything else, even once the trade messed up, then so be itclosed it.
    I have made a lot with a good success rate, I changed my egy to incorporate some technicals, what that did was improve my entry/exit and stops. Sometimes I can nevertheless be without discipline but commerce without fear, or emotion that's good and bad.

    With that in mind we have seen the week pass classic a,b,c, (or even 1.2.3 transactions ) creating a mint in moments I have one commerce still running from past week around the gbp extended from 1.9700, ace! I have noticed the next and will exchange it come sunday/monday. The daily chart is demoning a near cross on the macd
    and now we are getting near another breakout 150/200 pip upward movement, with no news coming out then I predict that monday,tuesday, wednesday or thursday will see this breakout

    so here goes my next trade is as follows (should markets go as indied of course)

    1.2920 buy
    prevent 1.2840 (alternative barrier)
    close when I am happy and made a mint

    I would like comments as my techy's aren't bad, but then again not great!
    Or if anyone else is likely the same, then cooolamundo.

    If you would like to replie the trade, do this at your own risk, this is exactly what I am happy doing, win loose or draw.

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    Not sure about the usd/jpy trade haven't ventured that way, your transactions on the swissy and euro appear quite good.

    I thank you for the reply, but could you describe as a trader regardless of expertise (which is obviously larger than mine) am I thinking and going along the ideal lines.

    Remember that the reply and that from others will help beginners and advanced beginners (that's where I put myself) to see the larger picture, and place good trades

    regards, and thanks

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    Well, I believe I share the identical opinion as you are. All these are my opened transactions:

    - Extended EURUSD @1.2940, SL1.2760, TP1.3360
    - Brief USDCHF @1.2485, SL1.2685, TP1.1985
    - Brief USDJPY @121.34, SL123.34, TP115.34

    What you think?


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