Have proof broker is manipulating charts
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Thread: Have proof broker is manipulating charts

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    First of let me start by saying that I'm not an upset or angry people because I've lost any equity, I own up to how this is a result of my trading. I believe that if my errors mine then I want to possess them and proceed, but what if the broker is playing games with you ?!

    I had a brief position open on AUDJPY at 8:58 GMT 5:30 their pubs were changing with the price but the pub was from 8:45 open and didn't shut at 8:50 (5 min chart). I watched as price dropped below 81.15 that low doesn't even appear. I just looked and the candle remains open at 9:25 GMT. 5:30 Had I never watched this place on the charts I would have missed a massive pin bar that sent price up past 81.20.

    I've taken several screenshots on my mobile phone. How do I take action against them? I didn't lose much on this commerce, but who knows the number of diverse situations that has occurred. Additionally, I saw it occur on USDJPY and lost money there too.

    I want to take action against them because that not only has taken money from me but probably countless other people too. Advice welcomed please.

    Thank you

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    Look at my chart under. This can be a live D1 EU chart and it does not update bid line and also candles. It only appears on D1, no matter if I open a new one. All else works ordinary. Seems like a MT4 bug. Could be a bug of your terminal too.

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