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    Hi All,

    I have been reading these threads for a little more than a year. nigeriaforextradinghas a lot to offer and lots of fantastic traders here in order to learn from. First off I want to say thank you to everyone for being so helpful. I had to take a rest from trading due to work and now I plan to be able to finish an entire year without quitting.

    I have been experimenting with the EW theory and will use that to gauge trades from this point forward alongside a longer duration egy also. I will be focusing my efforts on the e-u, g-u, and g-j. The objective of this journal is to come up with a more consist way of trading along with a system. My aim is to come up with a profitable system in a year and then be able to trade it full-time.

    I will be using a demo account for now to determine the achievement of these systems and because I can't manage to use $. I will begin a micro account on the first of this year.

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    Demo commerce on e-u #1
    Sell @1.4843
    Stoploss @1.4860

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    Demo trade on e-u #1
    Sell @1.4843
    Stoploss @1.4860
    Stopped outside for -17 pips

    Total Pips -17

    Need to recount and determine where I went wrong. I do feel as though the retracement isn't over yet.

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    This is poss count on the e-u. Any ideas?

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    This is a potential count on the euro

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