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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sorry I did not call this live, but I sold at 1.9438 when market opened. This was due to gap and in my experience, if it strikes upward or low, the market always retraces to that gap.
    Hi xenaga03,

    exactly what gap? Time frame? Many thx beforehand.

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    Gap can be observed on most of timeframes (usually 15min,30,1hr,4h,weekly. Monthly is rare). The japenese call it a window. Last week, Pound rallied and close near its highs. Traders usually dont maintain a open position over the weekend however since it closed near the high, that means buyers were ready to devote to their place for the weekend. I believe this is one of the reasons we got a huge gap on pound. Gaps usually occur during news time like NFP or CPI but those are not the gaps that I watch. I noticed that when the week closes, and when it opens on monday, if we receive a decent gap, it will retrace to the gap. From there, it may find support or it can serve as resistance.
    Yes I am risking more then 2 percent of my funds on any given trade. Usually 10 percent but sometimes it less or more based on the currency and some trades you have a very tight stop loss so much risk.
    London didnt have the answer I was looking for .

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    I got out in 42 pips =-LRB- my leaves suck.

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    For scalping just Purchased at 1.9373

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    Just got out -24 on this last trade. Overtrading kills my own equity. Have to learn to stay out. I think thats a problem for allot of traders. Wanting to maintain a trade all of the time. I just sold again at 1.9339 because looks like a breakout?

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    Got out of my brief trade at a reduction. Impulse trading murdered all of my profits now ended with 3 pips.

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