Need some help on warning alert for ea
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Thread: Need some help on warning alert for ea

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    Update I have question about incorporating magicnumber . I tried incorporating these . . But the ea unlocks more than 30trades at precisely the exact same moment . . .heres the codes . . .did i miss anything else ?

    int MAGIC = 0123;

    //Local Variables
    I put it at all the = should(OrderSymbol()==Symbol). Here it's :

    if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol()OrderMagicNumber()==Magi cNumber)

    I need some help on something . .hope all expert coders can help me

    if period is apart from D1, a message box alert will head out and no trade will be made.

    When the key-number at (extern double) besides the approved key, then a message box alert will head out and no trade will be made.

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    Bool oktotrade;


    into your main segment place this code in the start

    if(Stage() ! = PERIOD_D1 oktotrade)oktotrade=false;
    if(! Oktotrade)
    Alert(Wrong Time Frame)

    same type of set up can be utilized for your key

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    I keep getting 'init' - term on global scope not permitted
    '{' - semicolen anticipated
    'yield' - semicolen anticipated

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    Init is a function that mt4 calls when you first install an indior. The code which I listed there in my prior response ought to go beneath that function call.

    If your code does not have an init function use the one below:

    int init()

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    Got a brand new question regarding magicnumber

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    the ea unlocks more than 30trades in precisely the exact same time ...
    Post the component of your code which opens trades (the component with OrderSend) therefore it's going to be easier to find what is wrong with your EA.

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    Heres the without the magical number codecode

    Inserted Code OpenOrders = 0; for(cnt = 0; cnt lt; OrdersTotal(); cnt ) { OrderSelect(cnt, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES); if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol()) OpenOrders ;

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