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    Hello, I would appreciate it if somebody could help me out with a very small bit of coding. I've an alert indior I just wish to go off if the previous pub is higher then 20 pips. Here is the part of code I am inserting to tell the indior to CONTINUE or STOP.

    If (iOpen(NULL, p, 2) - iClose(NULL, p, 2) gt; 0.002) continue;

    However, I don't think this is the right code to input because the indior still goes away. This is more of the code that I am inserting the above statement into:


    if (Close[0] == iHigh(NULL, p, 0))
    if (iClose(NULL, p, I 1) gt; iOpen(NULL, p, I 1)) continue;
    if (Close[0] lt;= z) continue;
    if (Old gt; z) continue;
    if (iOpen(NULL, p, 2) - iClose(NULL, p, 2) gt; 0.002) continue;
    DisplayAlert(Look for a Symbol() SHORT on PeriodNice(p) (wick));
    t = iTime(NULL, p, 0);


    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    hey nebuman.... Sometimes it's ideal to just choke the alert down by incorporating the dimensions requirement.... May be worth it to have an override option, just in case your not constantly interested in the dimensions component.... Like ! Filter utilized below....

    I have added an example of the code into the psar alert included...h

    Inserted Code (! Filter || (High#91;I 1#93; - Low#91;I 1#93;-RRB- gt; Range * Stage)

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