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Thread: FX Trading in Europe under threat - act now

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    Theoretically it is possible. I made 350 percent in a month on a 2k account but it isn't sensible to expect that every month.
    But there is always a possibility of this DD becoming higher and blowing off the account. You need to realise if you have success 1 or 2 weeks, then it doesnt mean that you can do as consistently in the long run and that trading isn't linear. All traders face a DD thats higher than they anticipated at any stage and that's when you're in trouble if you're targeting yields.

    If you have a look at my TE it is possible to see that when I increase the risk by a factor of 10, I'd be earning about 40% monthly on 35% maximum DD. You said you found your edge lets reveal exactly what your system can do and see your TE. Your words are empty.

    And please dont come here with grid or a martingale egy. Those fail 100% of their time.

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    I will be here for two years . We'll have the time to compare. From what I see on your te you've got a winning aproach with a profit element. That means you would observe that if you raise to 1% 30 percent is possible. The machine that you have is secure and I enjoy that it's at least 100 trades. You said about dd. Yes , they happen. My systems aren't martingale grid. They are mechanical ta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If the cap is 1:30, which will be OK. Traders that know what they're doing will have the ability to make decent profits and it'll create trading safer for the ones that are mad. I assume brokers all will probably be against the cap, and they will be the ones who stand to eliminate the maximum...
    I do not think brokers will lose on this one. Traders will just deposit money to make/lose exactly the same quantity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I really don't think brokers will lose with this one. Traders will only deposit more money to make/lose exactly the exact same quantity.
    Of course they'll lose. Some people have the money so that they invest transaction and 5k at high leverage. Now they'll invest 5k and might need to exchange at 1:30 max. I believe a lot of people will only go ASIC or offshore brokers where leverage remains allowed.

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