Nice extended and nice brief!

I have been having a discussion on a separate thread about the % gain in your account you can get a day. Some say 2% a day is easy to get, some say almost impossible. All I desire is 25 pips daily to make 2% every day in my account.

Look at my chart, the first leg extended up travels over 150 pips. The brief leg down travels over 100 pips.

Have I been lucky? WTF!

Last post for a while in my experience, in character I wished to learn from comments from anybody. But also in part, I wanted to give back tonigeriaforextradingfor delightful stuff which got me started. I hope this helps somebody see what I see!

Just recall newbies/noob be patient to await the perfect setup and you've found the holy grail.

”He may have , can get what he will” ~ Benjamin Franklin