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Thread: which setups/egies are frequently occurring?

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    Go with price. Breakout of every candle. Add to your rankings and let your winners run. Cut your losses.
    You might do a trailing exit moving average together with your profitable trades. Markets have a tendency to go further than we could imagine or believe.

    I merely explained what 95 percent of the traders are not doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There aren't any market conditions. Understand them, and trade accordingly. Doesn't matter what method you use, or which state that you need to exchange. Just know that which is which and select and choose. Ranges are typically between news bicycles. Consolidations are typically prior to news releases, during midpoints (lunch) in trends, at tops and bottoms prior to reversing, and during dead market hours. Trends are normally after news cycles. I don't know, or care, anything regarding snare bars or 4 hour charts, lol. I exchange 5M intraday swings, so none of that matters...
    I believed that you didn't utilize TL, or support/resistance traces right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    try breakout trading possibly?
    Yes, breakout trading installment is also typical in all of trading instruments! Maybe new traders lose their cash by perplexing breakout and false BU structure! However, pro traders can make use of these setups in accore with their long time trading expertise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I thought you did not utilize TL, or support/resistance lines correct?
    I utilize a series of moving averages against a Bollinger group field, so I have more or less upgraded from this trend line, but whenever you're new to building and trading your design, it can be handy to help loe reverse points so that you can target confirmation indiors against them. This one will show breakouts, however sometimes they're false, and that means you need additional tools. When it detects a range, it reveals the upper and lower boundaries, so if price stays within them, it won't offer a trading signal. So there are limits, but to get a new trader, it could be useful.

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    Thanks everybody, including dkrock for the indior. I really have been mucking about with trend lines and didn't have a fantastic result after 1h tests 85 trades sample. Its potential though that more demands are required ie confluence to make it work.

    I also experimented a little , insufficient sample transactions though (only about 25) with range transactions 4h and didn't do too well. At least, if it does work I would need to check out more. Just drawing on a two point line and getting a third bounce it off may not be enough my pals.

    I'm starting to think though that the key is getting a greater timeframe moving, or another sort of 'confluence'. People today talk about taking fewer transactions, only the top ones, which are very confluent and that may be the key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thanks everyone, including for the indior. I really have been mucking about with trend lines and did not get a good result after 1h evaluations 85 trades sample. Its potential though that demands are needed ie confluence to make it operate. I also experimented a little , insufficient sample transactions though (only about 25) with range transactions 4h and did not do too well. At least, in case it will work I would have to check out more. Just drawing on a 2 point line and obtaining a third bounce off it might not be enough my pals. I'm starting to think though...
    Try with a real time TDI with your lines. Adjust as necessary. It might help you with market direction.


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    I don't understand about TDI - don't wish to begin studying new bags of tips.

    I think though, at least today, one ought to find confluent and more perfect setups. To trade less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    that way I could trade often enough. (gotta buy a home one day and they're pricey around here) I'm presuming to get regularly happening setups, we gotta go to shorter timeframes like 1h and less. 4h trends don't occur that often... maybe the little runs within 4h trends? What else happens often enough?
    I think pin pub installation is the most common installation! But in the market, you will get so many imitation pin bar setups are available; because pin bar setup is not imply 100% success! You need to comprehend the total scenario of this market! Observing any trading transaction setup so blindly is costly!

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    Trade pin bars on key levels, use limit orders over the tails too for potential retest, that way you may risk more using a tighter SL (equal risk %) plus a massive R:R

    very easy, and it ALWAYS work; just need the patience to wait for it allow it to run once the entry is created

    price dont always go right off to your favor and stay there until it hits your TP. . I had orders stay on unfavorable for hours after which they go optimistic and keep piling the pips. . For weeks !! (imagine if I closed that order right?)

    Would you do this?? Wait for the setup, let it grow over time. . AND let it operate??

    CAN YOU?? =)

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