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Thread: Tiny account but serious approach 2017

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    Luck or good feeling of this market? Don't know. I hope the next one.

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    Recently my conclusions was great but very risky. Too major place size (x5 or 7x larger than in case ). These transactions had no SL! Fate gave me some money but 'ts time to prevent this roller-coaster ride where 1 trade can ruin all profit from 5 months.
    Now I'm elaborate new place size and RR rules and I will try to stay with it. I know that once again I write about it but doing anything different but... it's hard work - discipline. I trading from 10 years (with pauses) so that I know how this Forex trading can ends.

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    Another good trades now. For my Z.

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    Trend is the (best) friend.


    Please tell me why I feel disappointed?
    I opened too big position. Position goes on my favor and I shut it using fine profit (because of my typical position nice profit). Now I see that market is still going on my favor and I feel anger since I closed my position. Why? You break the fundamental rule and you ought to be very pleased since you don't lose your profit when market following opening position goes on other bad for you !
    It's so stupid but I'cant stop this. Wrr...
    I need deposit more cash to start larger position and feel satisfied with profit.

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    Ok, it is time to a plans/goals for following 3 months. Table below shows forecast balance for trading 01.06.2018-31.08.2018. I'am really intresting what result I reached.

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    What a shiny day outside and within my account also

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    Subscribed; will follow with attention.

    Good fortune!!

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