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Thread: Question on SR Lines and Price Action

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    I have been tried some systems to trade and finally came to conclusion that the most suitable for me is that the usage of S n R lines, and also what I think is called Price Action.

    I occasionally (well, the majority of the time) still confuse on how best to draw the right S n R lines, as almost every tick seems to be S or R lines. And how to specify whether the price will break the line, or rebound away from it.

    Will someone (who really know the stuffs) kind enough to inform me where to learn those? Like what thread I need to read, or publiions, etc.. However, no 1-on-1 mentoring please, because the price is too expensive for me at this moment.

    Many thx!


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    I dont know if it is out of your price range,however the PF would be ideal for you. Well worth the cash, and I bet that you will be a better trader after you go through the info. Excellent luck.


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    I actually thought about utilizing SRDC method of drawing resistance/support lines. I'd draw horizontal lines open,close,high,low on the previous candle on weekly and monthly. And use candlestick configurations on daily for set-up. I just thought of it now We'll see how this plays out. I think this way, s/r is more mechanical as opposed to subjective. I add in monthly and weekly indior on there

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    Many thx for the response guys,

    I'm very sorry for this very late response. I've been wanted to answer since day one I received in my inbox notifiion from you guys. But there is this connection problem due to Taiwan's earthquake (I live in Indonesia, by the way). When this morning I'm able to start the factory, I'm thankful.

    Once more, many thx for yor answer.

    How much is price?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I occasionally (well, most of the time) still confuse on how to draw the ideal S n R lines, as almost every tick seems to be S or R lines. And to define if the price will break the line, or rebound from it.

    you and me both. . I utilize pivot indiors that reveal monthly, weekly, daily pivots to help out me. . .but still will be Wonderful to have S/R Abilities

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