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    Brett Steenbarger has written a few excellent books on trading psych....they can be found at All traders would be well advised to read them.
    1 for Steenbarger. My fav is The Daily Trading Coach. Liked One Great Trade from Mike Bellafiore.

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    Well in my Thoughts the psych you need is a Joyful and optimistic Perspective on the future along with a strong belive in Your Self and sometimes your Imperceptible friened - so That I would recommend anything with CalvinHobbes,

    Have a nice weekend

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    Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad !!! I would say this is the best book I've ever had. Regrettably, I don't utilize this understanding in real life - don't understand how to get started. Everything is very very simple: don't spend more than you produce.

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    Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad !!! I'd say this is the best book I have ever had. Unfortunately, I don't use this understanding in real life - don't understand how to start. Everything is really very easy: don't spend more than you make.
    That is no the only 1 book by Robert Kiyosaki I will suggest to read.

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    Likely depends on what gaps in knowledge you are looking to fill, and your attitude towards trading.

    Personally I actually did not like the books by Douglases and Elders. . Too much text on why everything is incorrect between the helpful stuff.

    I have read two Brett Steenbarger's books, and think they're excellent (Improving Trader Performance as well as The Daily Trading Coach).

    Another book identifiion recommended without hesitation is Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by Murphy, quite simple read, edued me exactly what a fad was.

    The only other source that I have found excellent is the'college' segment on, covers one of everything, though its probably better if you have some experience. . The content is gold, but might be a bit too sparse if you are just starting out. Good for filling gaps after a few practice.

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    Trading for a living,
    by Alexander Elder

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