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    So yesterday was awful and I understand why, will try to keep more on plan today.

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    Long USD/CAD from 1.0619, (mental) cease at 1.0614, target 1.064 (actual stop at minute space )
    Short EUR/USD from 1.4930 stopat 1.4942, target 1.4888

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    Epic neglect, have added to USD CAD at goal rather than halved it, lulz.

    Been Searching for an entrance on GJ, but for the life of my could;t loe one.

    Could Just trade these 3, like I know I am trading a lot of pairs atm

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    Off'd the CAD slipped into 1.0639, so lost a pip from this accident, but meh.

    Also not to that these two trades are precisely the exact same actually, it has dollar moves, exits at the very same levels etc.. So that's somewhat poor indeed.

    I'm thinking I might just exchange mornings, as it is the 1 time when I can actually get to a computer every single day, and while I had been attempting to secure more than 1 entry per pair per day (not pair ), I'm not sure how I will handle it.

    Time to SSS!

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    Did someone mention drunken antics? Tell me where I am wanted by you.

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    Picked up daily levels:

    Instrument Buy level Sell level
    AUD/CAD 0.9844 .9706AUD/JPY 85.32 80.26AUD/USD 0.9220 0.906CAD/JPY NONE 82.83EUR/GBP ALL NONEEUR/USD 1.5066 1.48GBP/CAD 1.7895l 1.76GBP/JPY NONE 1.4625GBP/USD NONE ALLUSD/CAD ALL NONEUSD/JPY 89.73 88.63
    Note, these aren't levels I will trade at, they're the points at which above/below I will enter on peaks and troughs (ideally ). NONE implies I am not seeking to enter in that way unless something crazy happens, similarly ALL implies I feel any entry could be good atm.

    Hope it makes sense.

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