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Thread: The ups and downs

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    Ok that was among my initial different ideas I had, I have made several breakout approaches, but most has failed me, but I will post them here and discuss what I learnd out of my failure out of them, man it was really shitty feeling as a king everytime trying to fine tune my trading and after a week or 2 back testing you find major defects, but my lessons I have learnd was good and I am happy I had these ideas.

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    Alright the Following Thing I Obtained was, ok That the'big dogs' all State let your winners run, sounds again very great, and all systems Must have place the winner to go wild, dont Retain this hooo on leash, Okay but it poped ok, but when you trade very short term, then you Input Places Together with the longer term trend, so y not Input a position from the shorter term chart with every Sign you get and you Just close All them when the longer term trend is finito, Which Means you'd basically add to the long term trend with higher% of it winning coz its momentum

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    I am going to take a rest really drowsy, will continue posting on tonight.
    But I have a fav to ask of anybody here that knws scrips or EA's whateva it's.
    Its not a thing super complex its like a script EA.
    I believe that at the higher time frames a grids distance between one another is a good space for a stoploss ex. The grids are 55pips from one another then you input a 55 stoploss from where you enterd.
    So I want it to assess the grid distance the whole time such as a EA and then the script part is, I want to press b for buy and therefore for sell, then it sells on market order, however if its 1:1 in profit, within this ex if price has transferred 55pips in my way it takes off half of my position and moves remainder up to b/e until I press c cancel.

    Now is that potential, if so can anybody assist in that please. I will post my other wack thoughts tonight until I get to where I am now lol

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    Ok what do we think concerning trading and what rules do I have. (this is only in general not a system, yet)

    I feel that the market can simply move up or down, so on avg you have a 50% chance of winning if you only reverse a coint and trade into one direction, that is the exact reason y swing and position traders are more prone to triumph, they merly climp in to a pre existing trend and put up a bigish stop reduction. Alot of day traders focus way to much on predicting and reversals, as my signiture states, reversals are early tendencies just wait alittle, and they have considerably smaller prevent losses so not only does such a trader trade longer about a'gut' feeling that he also has less breathing room and more likly to neglect.

    Lets get maths into this.
    Position and swing traders: such a trader will more often not to create a 3:1 and 2:1 RR due to the elongated time that he/she is able to ride the trend.
    This means he can lose 3 trades and win only one and break even, so if he can turn a coin he can most prob earn money in the FX market.

    Day traders: This trader will generally be trying to grab quick moves with high% chance of winning so that his RR will not be as striking as a position and swing traders.
    This means he would need to have a better eduion than a swing or position trader to make money and the older coin trick wont work just as great.

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