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    This is a loion for me to log down a couple of things about my new 1M based program called Gravy Train.

    Don't bother PM'ing me about it, I will not be answering anything about it. Yes, this means every one of you illiterate people as well. .

    That I simply have to write it all down before I forget.


    Given Mendel's Pea experiment:

    We find that when we combine two states, the dominant one will take 3 from 4 boxes.

    Assuming there are 4 possible outcomes of 2 condition test mix; When there exists a bias (dominant vs recessive), then a Mendelian inheritance illness is made along with a matrix of choice is made.

    Considering a dominant gene versus a recessive gene, if a bet were to be set on the resultant offspring; a bet on a dominant result will pay 1:1 but the likelihood is a 3:1. Given this to be authentic, an increase in frequency increases a 2:1 profitability probability asymptotically.

    Based on this theory, trading in the Forex market may be carried out in a likelihood matrix against 2 states, of which a 4 box matrix will be the result.

    Hence Gravy Train will be based on the theory that given 2 systems that produce a small bias, the matrix of bias yields a 2:1 profitability prediction matrix.

    Further, since there is a given bias, then a recurrent bet for the side is that the optimized games theory path. Therefore, a 1M system can now be made by gambling on the same conditional bias of probability over and over again.

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    I made a mistake. .

    I am not betting on the dominant side, I am betting AGAINST the recessive side. It may sound exactly the same at first glance, but it's not.

    A brunette and a blonde. . Anything none blond is a triumph. . I am not betting on a brunette, I am betting on a non-blonde.

    Given 3:1
    Given 3 vs -1
    1:1 across the plank for payrate. .

    I still get a 2 for expectancy, which is ridiculously large.

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