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    I sent a PM today to ITguy requesting a subscription for the alert emails provided (for free) by him along with LightSeeker. I got my first email alert at the start of the following 4H candle. I#8217;m gathered on the ribbon fighting to receive their alert service activated in the number of people. Of the directions are clearly indied on first post. In case you missed it8230;

    Send a PM to it guy in the following format:

    My nigeriaforextrading user title is#8230;.
    My email address is8230;.

    Pretty simple right? Oh, and a huge thanks to ITguy and LightSeeker

    I wished to determine how well something like this would actually work. This really is a first for me (email alerts) so I8217;m eager to test it out, and desired document the procedure in the interim. A couple of things worth mentioning: My mails are forwarded to my cell phone to notify me all of the alarms. I will be trading all pairs on a demo with a capital of 10K. Since there are 19 pairs, I have devised the money management to permit for 1 lot per order based on a 10K balance. This does not indie that 1 pair may have 1 order. (This might seem excessive to those of you who are stuck on the whole 2% rule#8230; but ";don#8217;t worry I understand exactly what I#8217;m performing";#8230;famous last words) I won't place a trade for each alert signal, but I will review ALL alert signs. I will actually filter out a few of the trades utilizing a ";fancy pants"; oscillator called #8211; MY BRAIN Version 1.0 (that#8217;s a joke, and no it#8217;s impossible for me to place it as an attachment). A SL order won't be used because I don#8217;t use them (entry orders will be used alternatively to implement hedges). Nothing special here, it#8217;s I often trade. I will post reports each week, however in case you8217;d like to check progress you can log into the account at any moment. Log in data as follows: Account number:

    I think that#8217;s pretty much it. If anyone has any queries, please feel free to post them. I#8217;m curious to see where this puppy ends up.


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    This is great! I am excited about seeing the signals workout for you.

    I followed the procedure to subscribe to this service early in the month but never heard back. I didn't follow up on it and I do not mean to because ultimately I need the ability to generate my own signals.

    It is going to be wonderful to see how someone else is doing with this particular system. If Imisinterpreting or misapplying or'm developing habits whatever that I want to grab them early before they become ingrained. It's like learning to ski. It's more easy to learn to do it right at the beginning instead of trying to habits.

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    While I do not think in sign solutions, I don't see how it's reasonable to the providers that you filter their signals and assign the results to their service. If you think that you can do them then start your own. I'd argue that it'd be better to establish a baseline before attempting to make their system. Of course I'm stuck on the 2% rule (maybe 3) so what do I know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    While I don't think in signal services, I really don't see how it's fair to the providers that you simply filter their signs and then assign the results to their services. If you believe that that you can do much better than them then begin your own. I would argue it'd be better to set a baseline before trying to make their system better. Of course I'm stuck on the 2% rule (maybe 3) so what do I know?
    Easy does it Phil... I'm not wanting to spoil anyone's day here. About transactions being filtered by me I see your point. That is probably something I should pursue privately, as my trading style will considerably affect the end result... and will have less to do with all the signs them selves.

    Overall, the characteristic of not having to watch the charts is fantastic. I'll continue with my demo but not in people. By the way, I was not trying to make the system better... just stoked about the alert feature. All the best, anyways.

    Oh yeah... 2 percent is for pussies

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