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Thread: How to predict the next candle?

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    I don't forecast, blew my account once I predicted last time, so for now I choose to follow haha,
    have a fantastic day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Place your finger up your black hole, then turn 3 occasions, shout out jezus, jezus, jezus, consume an entire cucumber and tape for 13 minutes. First color that comes to mind is it!
    I have heard that George Soros uses this system!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I've heard that George Soros uses this system!
    That is correct.

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    It's VERY possible to forecast the colour of the next candle stick. Personally, I use different time frames to get this done. For instance, I can utilize the hourly chart to forecast colour of the next candlestick in a daily chart. By looking at the last couple of candles in the hourly chart, it's possible to tell if the final candle of the hourly chart would result in a bearish/bullish close for the day compared to the preceding day.

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    Mostly first 10-15 seconds it goes to the other side of it's future move) Certainly, it's not stable theory, but 80% of candles do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Mainly first 10-15 minutes it belongs on the other side of it is future move) Surely, it is not stable theory, but 80% of candles do it.
    Never thought to look at it that way. I will begin experimenting on your own observation and find out how things turn out. 80% chance sounds like a true opportunity for profits, but again the 20% likelihood this will not happen leaves doors open for a variety of imaginations.

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    Anybody who can do this, won't be on this forum.
    They will be busy ruling the entire world.

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