Euro Down to 1.15???
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Thread: Euro Down to 1.15???

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    This is a good question, since the euro is shing within an horizontal fluctuation pub, that can be value in the weekly chart. The movement in 3 waves up and down, dont allow to the set goes fluidity. An expanded flat correction is near to the conclusion, and if it's correct, a fresh movement down in five waves will happen.

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    Hmmm same exact post on the Oanda message board:;f=15;t=004689

    appears like the folks over there have profited from doing the contrary what the poster predicts! Maybe this belongs in the classified ads section.

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    Hahahaha, lol... place on... place on

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    The first wave down within a ((C)) leg is complete, being recovery at this moment by (ii) using a goal between 0.5 and 0.382 fib zone.

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    Fundamentals could play a big role in this one as I read an whole nation is going to dump our dollar in trade for the Eur was it syria??? I dont read fundamentals much so.... But theres the tid bit I understand....


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    When this occurs, the usd pairs will probably be in the tendency to proceed, so the only impact (if you trade correctly) is that you hit goal faster.

    Good luck boys.

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