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Thread: Automated Printing

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    Hi there please can anyone tell me how I can do this.

    I'd love to discover a means to automatically publish a photo of the active workspace of a 4H Gold Chart every 4 hours and save that image automatically into a folder on the desktop.

    Is it feasible?

    Thanks ahead of time...

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    I believe that there is Only on cobra's thv thread

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    Thank you for your kind help.

    I've tried doing the recommended hunts but with no joy and sadly I have no idea to program and implement the code that you sent me.

    Could you're able to provide me some other advise?

    I only wish to save a photo to my hard disk each time a 4 hour closes.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I had some spare time and you seem to be a well mannered fellow (unlike many others on this board) so that I put together this EA. The screen shots will be from the experts/files subdirectory. Attach the EA into the chart and time desired from the standard method.

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    Thank you sir for your kind help and nice comments.
    I cant wait to test your EA tomorrow.

    I'm simply interested - if I apply to EA into a 4 hour chart - I am assuming it will take a screenshot picture. Can it save that somewhere?

    Would it be very difficult to modify the EA marginally so that it may do the next please (if you have time):

    1. Employ EA to timeframe (in my case - 4 hour)
    2. Every single time a 4 hour bar prints - play a save as picture
    3. Select the Active Chart for the Save as Picture settings
    4. Store picture on desktop

    What do you think?

    Maybe you can help me. The actual layout of my screen is as follows which is what I use for monitoring.

    Yet - for the point of this exercise - I just want the 4 hour chart saved as an image as an active workspace such as the terminal, etc....

    I've included 2 pictures.

    1st picture is my tracking
    2nd picture is the kind of thing I would love to save as a film

    Maybe this isn't possible (I am not sure) please allow me to know if its maybe not.

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    What do you mean by save it to the desktop?

    Do you mean simply save it as a file on the desktop or do you want to place it as the background wallpaper?

    Witout any extra attempts it is only possible to save documents from subfolders of.../metatrader 4/experts/files/ but using a few extra windows API programming (or some external scripts in VBS or AutoIT) it may be moved into whereever you'll need and additional actions can be performed.

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    Please use what I gave you for a week or 2 before asking for anything else. I feel it will all of the things you are requesting already except saving it to the Desktop and now I have no intention of providing this capability. You could be able to find another program on the internet to copy files from 1 place to another to a scheduled basis. I have no interest in writing such a program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Witout any additional efforts it's just possible to save files in subfolders of.../metatrader 4/experts/files/ but with some additional windows API programming (or some external scripts in VBS or AutoIT) it may be moved to whereever you need and additional actions can be performed.

    hey slim.... You're able to save the screenshots to your desktop by creating a shortcut for your.../metatrader 4/experts/files folder and placing that shortcut onto your desktop....

    To my knowledge that the screen shot function will only save the chart the screenshot work is connected to.... Nothing else.... However, you can attach the ea's containing the code into as many charts as required provided the ea is coded correctly.... The filename must be unique for every symbol and interval.... This is best done by including the symbol and timeframe from the filename....

    Make sure you have the x and y pixels correct for your size chart.... You'll have to work out that through trial and error....

    Keep tabs on how big your files folder.... These screenshots will include up.... Move all of them out sometimes....

    All the above mentioned works, or does for me each open market hour.... And really non market hours for this matter...h

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    Thank you all for your kind answers.

    Codemesiter - I followed your advice and used the EA for a week also and it works nicely and does exactly what I want - thank you very much for taking the time to do this.

    That I really like this forum - everyone is so kind and helpful.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I've revised the code to use unique files for your own image. This corrects a problem with using the EA on multiple charts and just getting one image.

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