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Thread: FXCM problems on DEMO

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    I have a Trade open I have been wanting to close because this morning.

    It was just up 10 pips when I first wanted to close, up 48 pips, that can be great, but it still wont near - Any Thoughts?

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    I throw nonsense directional trades on the FXCM demo fairly often. Helps pass the time. Anyway, I opened and shut probably 6 trades now, so the problem is much more then likley in your end.

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    I'll not argue that point with Stan... however, you can put a tight limit or stop order on the position and it'll take it outside; which is about the only means to get out of a trade together.

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    Call them FXCM is changing some things over and a few of the demos simply arent working properly they could provide you with a new username and password

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    Your demo account is very likely that new dealer direct crap, using a true account I just couldn't get out or in, it is basically rejected you as the price altered and it is going to sit there for hours until it'll eventually say, order failed.

    E-mail themopen a predetermined Spread Demo account, instantaneous in and out all day long today well pretty much instantaneous, failed attempt again if the price does move atleast.

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    Finest thing to do is just go someplace where there's no issues!!! FXCM is a lot of crap ! Just out to get your cash... Read the FXCM thread... it's all there!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I've a Trade open I have been wanting to close since this morning.

    It was only up 10 pips when I first wanted to close, up 48 pips, which can be good, but it still wont close - Any Ideas?
    If I was you, I would attempt completly shutting down the platform and never open it up again. Go find a company that's reliable and dependable as if you continue playing with FXCM, then you will likely be disappointed.

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    Will do, I just find the actual platform Actually layed out for me

    I Shall look elsewhere Which ers to the smaller capital traders

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