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    Interesting aproach, but I not reallt see the benefit. . Sure that the sizing is there but you need to buy the s in full anyway. . So it may be nice on the equity side, however, the margin negative will see that otherwise. .

    Well perhaps I miss somethings

    I do hedge a dfferent way (replace hedges with stop-loss-orders). . But theres a completly diferent aproach

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    Objective here: to demone that payoff is very stupid idea. Therefore it should be removed from heads.

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    Haha okay. . Got it

    nicely my hedging differs anyway. . Its for damage control, not to make any cash...
    completely different aprach

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote NO BROTHER there are threee facets: Please concentrate 1) if you hedge in the same time and it had been completely balanced. It is alwyas lossing (disperse commision) 2) if it isn't fully balanced, then it really sum to a single place on a single pair, with just 1 advatage: the result lots is less than 0.01 3) positive hedging STOP TAKEPROFIT = NON-DIRECT TAKE PROFIT if not hedged at the same time, you enter BUY and wait for two times you then find a profit of 200 pips. TheN if you do not close DIRECT TAKE PROFIT but completely hedge open positions, then wait...
    #3 is also known as freezing your floating profits by simply following the price. It works with the combination of transferring SL to BE. When trade moves in your favor by some pips, you move SL to BE and being 100% in the market irrespective of which way the market moves. Quite Powerful in trending and high volatile pairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    haha okay. . Made it nicely my hedging differs anyway. . Its for damage control, to not make any money... completely different aprach
    u might consider this the forth approach, and virtually all individuals are following!! Direct SL is much more preferable.

    If at all possible, can you discuss ur idea her.

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    Try to Create ALL AREA of the circle Blue = Totally Balanced

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote u may think this the forth egy, and virtually all individuals are following!! Direct SL is more preferable. Can you discuss ur idea her if possible.
    ”Almost all peopes” additionally loose money trading, paying those which don't follow the crowd.

    The aproach is very straightforward, rather than place a stop-loss order (that is in reality a STOP Order by order form ) I put Buy/Sell stop in the oposite direction
    as this are 100% the identical orser types they are going to have exactly the exact same effect on slip and cost.

    The only difference is that the posiotion isn't realized to the balance.

    Once the pending order is filled, the trade is over, the assignment then changes from”making money” to”damage control”
    each pip less in resolvong the Dollar is less reduction realised.

    Very straightforward things.

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    Remember that your hedge is totally balanced only at the time you are calculating it... due to the dynamic pip value.

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