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    Hello all,

    Like most others, I would like to share my trading travel with you all.

    I'll be posting all my trades here moving ahead. I'm using a simple support and resistance trading platform (SuRe TS ).

    I'm also keeping a blog so don't hesitate to drop by to see my previous trades too.

    Here is my most recent trade (still pending):

    AUDCAD extended

    Entry: </b>

    0.9200 -- 0.9210

    Stop Loss </b>

    Take Profit </b>


    I'm not really certain where to set the profit target yet; let us only aim for the previous T/P I took with this particular pair that was 0.9280. If I am lucky I may be able to trail the stops should the price go into my direction (unfortunately I won't be able to monitor my trades all of the time).



    Oh dear, I have stopped out again. However, I'm glad as the price actually dipped all the way down 0.9150. Not actually sure what went wrong here though.



    Stop Loss



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    Alright. Price is again heading towards a major support area on the monthly and weekly charts.

    I thought of entering around the 0.8400 area because this was followed by a bullish movement previously.

    As for your goal profits I am not quite certain yet as to just how large to go. I believe I shall plan for the next support area around the 0.8600 zone.

    Entry Price

    Stop Loss

    Profit Target


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    Price is reaching a service area. Putting a limit order @ 0.8545 - 0.8555

    Entry Price

    Stop Loss

    Profit Target


    to be confirmed

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    Well, well, well. I keep on ending up with this pair. My past attempts to go long with EURCAD did not go quite perfect. I recall questioning the entrance points as the lowest low of 1.2435 kept on haunting me in the back of my mind like the nagging voice that keeps on telling me to go to the fitness center.

    It seems to me now like price is going straight to the lowest low. We should expect some keen deal seekers around this area and I will be aligning myself with them lot.

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    I just can't take my eyes away from this pair because it retains retracing back into the support area. I am now looking to go long at a round number from the support zone (marked blue). I mean theoretically it can go back as low as 1.2435 but that goes all the way back in 1999 if the Euro didn't even exist yet.

    Frankly, everytime I continue looking to the left side of the charts it only makes me second-guess my own entrances even more. I decided to just take the latest low as a benchmark and proceed from there. Let's see how this will work out.

    The image still shows an entry point @ 1.3120, but I have decided to go across all the way through and reduced my entry to put a limit order for 1.3100 -- 1.3110.

    Stop Loss:

    Take Profit:


    to be verified

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