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Thread: FXCM to Pepperstone Mirror

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    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering if anybody knows if it will be possible to mirror the transactions that I take on my FXCM account with my Pepperstone account?
    I wish to maintain my risk spread between the two, but not have the hassle of actually placing trades on both.

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    Additionally, is it possible to mimic the stops as well when I transfer them to BE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Guys, Just wondering whether anyone knows if it will be possible to mirror the trades I take in my FXCM account together with my Pepperstone account? I would like to keep my risk spread but maybe not have the annoyance of putting trades.
    There's software you can use but I don't know of any that's free.

    I use fxsynergy because it does more than just put duplie trades.

    I've accounts setup in classes so if I want to put trades in egory A,
    all group A's MT4's will probably be traded and the trades will be managed in accore with the group's rules
    eg move the stop to BE after x amount of pips, Take partial profit and allow the remaining run with jump stop etc etc

    Do a search for commerce director there should be much more affordable one around, but I have not seen anything better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Additionally, is it feasible to mirror the stops as well when I transfer them to BE?

    Anything you do in 1 account, will be cloned into the next.

    Set the risk and trade dimensions accordingly.

    Free app. . .kicks buttocks!

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    Thank You!
    What about should I place trades from my mobile app? Is there any type of program that will monitor your account, irrespective of trading platform, and mirror it in my other account? Or are those above just for MT4?

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    Possibly a third party service can accomplish this?

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