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    Five currency pairs
    Four indiors
    Tree Commerce cryteria
    Two Methods to go
    And Also a Micro-o-mi-i-ne-Me

    I see no low risk, Higher reward trades in the Not Too Distant Future on GBP/USD, EUR/USD,AUD/USD,USD/CAD,EUR/JPY

    I call this my Spine to Earth Template

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    Nice simple method M_MM. I assume its H L/2 monthly price projection. I use similar method too.

    If you dont mind, would you tell me what percentile the price hit line 100 within next month price movement, based on your expertise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nice easy method M_MM. I presume its H L/two monthly price projection. I use comparable method also.

    If you dont mind, would you tell me what percentile the price hit line 100 within following month price movement, according to your expertise?
    It's not even that complied.
    My indiors:100SMA Line chart Previous Weeks Fibos attracted from a week high and low two SMA. . .period=two; 1)apply to high and 1)apply to non My method is quite visual. I look for transactions with the weekly tendency and/or 100SMA. I only use 4HR and Daily timeframes. Todays EURJPY was a beauty on 4HR. Ascending double bottom after which I waited to the next higher high and higher low to confirm a trend change. I scalled into restrict risk and has been lucky enoughto get the following pullback this morning to the next entry. Price is currently at last weeks low and price has not seen much resistance there nevertheless so until I see movement I'm still with two places and upward aprox. 250 pips. VERY COOL! Stops are currently above entry points so this one's in the bank.

    Here's the 4hr chart for EURJPY

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    Closed out both positions.
    Conflicting signals made me believe that 276 pips was probably enough to hope for right now. Market still appears confused and goofy.

    I want more time to enhance my egy. My old heart can not take the 100 pip stop losses required for position entry with this method.

    Time to practice waiting while I refine rules for entry.

    Time to get tired!

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    From this point on I will be concentrating on five pairs and this weeks egies are as follows:

    GBPJPY Range - Pivot Hedge
    USDCHF Range - Sell@ S1 Take Profit Reverse @ S2
    GBPUSD Range - Pivot Hedge
    EURUSD Trend - Wait for Pull rear
    AUDUSD Trend - Wait for Pull rear

    All trades are best case scenarios and subject to change as technicals on lower time frames indie.

    This weeks forcasts are brought to you by My Mission for Monetary Micro-Management Madness, a Profit Organization for the Teenie Little Super Guy in all of us.

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    Nice egy above here. The euro and aussie are the pairs to buy on pull backs

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    Aims are the major battles and long term i.e. one or more weeks.
    Aims would be the briefer duration battles that must be won to attain the goals. The main focus would be to acquire more battles on the way to the goals.
    This is a new account; consequently, I must remain in protective manner until account balance has doubled. Trades must be left until they're in profit. If a transaction is stopped, that's OK. Just wait for the next A setup. Regions of consolidation and change on lt;Daily timeframes are great areas to book profit.
    Long term egies are based on Weekly charts.
    Concessions have been initiated on one or more shorter time frames.
    Trades are shut in regions of consolidation and change on lt;Daily timeframes. It's very good to reserve profit when price movement stalls. This is. Just keep the long term goals in mind and await a place to get back in.

    Now I won three battles:
    USDCHF 18 pips
    EURUSD 1 pip
    GBPJPY 125 pips

    Keep dreaming of the goals, but concentrate on the battles. Safeguard thy profits.

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    Hi Minime
    thanks for the fantastic indiors you have written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Minime
    thanks to the fantastic indiors you've written. Here's a screen shot of the chart with all the indior on it
    lots of indiors gets the chart clustered!

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    Higher Highs and Higher Lows verified for EUR/JPY on 4RH chart
    Profit possible looks finest of the five pairs, therefore

    Buy @ 160.11 (1st supported pullback) Cease moved up to 160.25
    Buy @ 160.63 (2nd supported pullback) Cease @ 160.30
    Profit is aprox 100 pips at this time YE HAW!

    Other pairs possess conirmed pull backs also but they are not so pronounced and a few entry points are too near regions of great sup/res.

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