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    I have traded a $200k account with Dukascopy for more than six months. Nothing but problems! Their spreads are excellent. The issue is that their platform (software, servers, or their internet) is always disconnecting, not executing trades, etc.. I have waited for more than 5 hours for the market to reach a point where I wanted to execute a trade only to get their platform sit idle and finally tell me it failed to execute the transaction. I have had open positions and then get disconnected and be unable to access my account and shed big money when the place moved from profitable (when I wished to exit) to a loss.

    Their platform is not ready for use. I have confirmed that they don't have servers multiple internet providers to ensure reliable service. It seems as though they care about their fees and commissions and therefore are willing to experiment with their clients money, hoping that one day they will eventually receive their platform to become dependable.

    If you're inclined to throw $10k in to exchange with them and be one of the Guinnea Pigs, then you may get lucky. But if you are a serious trader, you need to focus on the markets and your egies without having to fight the trading platform too.

    If anyone knows a fantastic broker/ECN to work with, please allow me to know! I have some substantial accounts I need to loe a home for.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    dukascopy I heard rocks....

    A person wakeup Paulson... I heard he likes dollars.

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    If anybody knows a good broker/ECN to work with, please let me know! I've got some large accounts I want to loe a good home for.

    I've traded with FXDD. No problems, fast executions, practically no downtime. Spreads a bit widen . Now spreads that are NFP were upwards with a pip.
    I wouldnt place 200k all at once. They have this service move money electronically back and forth between accounts requires 3-4 days, same day or wire posted. Put 10-20k in there and keep the remainder on stand by interest someplace in one of the internet savings account making you 5 percent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Put 10-20k in there and keep the remainder on stand by earning interest somewhere in one of those internet savings account which makes you 5%.
    Thats actually funny being said within a forex forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thats Really funny being Mentioned Within a forex forum...
    I think it's Amusing to Maintain 200K at forex broker, unless of course you've Got a 10 mill dollar account

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For all it is worth, Bloomberg TV has been reporting the Thai Baht in a 4 year low following the coup.
    Here's a daily chart of the THB for all 2006. Over the previous 5 years it has flirted with the 37-38 area. Political unrest does not happen overnight. I suspect well informed, risk averse people have known for sometime that matters weren't looking great.

    It does not seem like it closed me down. Perhaps deserved it and also the currency rebounded. I hate to say it, but that would blow about 3 pages of warm atmosphere expened with this thread by people who never actually looked in a chart.

    By the way, welcome tonigeriaforextradingVic I wasn't including you in that group

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