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Thread: Vegas Special File #2 released NOW

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    On the concept it must be Friday someplace, and also the fact most of the world [including me] will be glued to the idiot box to watch World Cup later in the day.

    I've only released'Vegas Particular File #2' and it is ready and waiting for you. This file is available. If you have been wondering what I've been around the last couple of months [ since I returned in the Islands]this file should answer that question.

    Send your file petition to with a subject header of VSP #2 and I'll get you the file ASAP.

    Man have I been busy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Seriously, You guys got me curious about this thing. I'll attempt to ask the file as well, altough I'm not very well known here. If this has got something to do with trading price action and patterns I would be pleased.

    Happy Trading!

    EDIT: Sorry, my bad for not reading the entire thread... Guess I have made a little bit of idiot of myself lol...
    I read this file before and it was only an subscription file!!

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    indah khabar dari rupa

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