Money flows: Trading the strongest / weakest major currency cross
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Thread: Money flows: Trading the strongest / weakest major currency cross

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    People today are inclined to trade single crosses only. Be it by priceaction, indiors, fundamentals, amounts, whatever. Only very few occasions people will take into account a currency cross is... you name it... a cross between two currencies that themselves are defined by their strength / weakness against all other currencies.

    In the following articles I will highlight a few things people might want to take into account prior to getting into any sort of trade.

    I will talk a little about

    - #1 Total concept -
    - #2 Currency indices -
    - #3 Major / small crosses -
    - #4 Together with the small crosses to find out the strongest / weakest major cross to trade for index (currency) breakouts -
    - #5 USD VS JPY -
    - #6 Identify single cross strength/weakness #1 - MAs, Midpoints, Fibs, Pivots -
    - #7 Identify single cross strength/weakness #2 - Supply / Demand - S/R Levels -
    - Number 8 US Dollar - Risk - Stocks/Gold
    - #9 Timeframes -
    - #10 Compounding -
    - #11 Helpful Links / exemptions
    - Few examples

    Have fun and get yourself a beverage

    ALERT: TANSTAAFL! There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This isn't a system, free signals, charts at all. Proceed to a chick ribbon and let them rip you off if you are looking for that. This is the basic knowledge on the best way best to read money flows and if you put a lot of work probably a few programming hours of charts inside then you'll be rewarded yes. I won't disclose my edge to you. You would not be able to know / trade it my way anyway. Recall... TANSTAAFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It's been a while since my last article in ff. Is that one. I want to share something that is essential in knowing the op's theory. - it is targetting some pips. Not swing/daily trading kinda of commerce. - if you want to make 10/20 pips per day is the kinda mindset to think about. - maybe not far indior involved - less confusions. And we're concentrating more on the relation of these (the currencies included ). - Lastly: we're trading forex for profit. Not for Proof, whos right...
    Hello Redwed

    What indior is painting the extended Short arrows onto your charts?

    Thanks in advance for your answer


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    Sharing some hints for all who are on this same journey

    I think about studying cash flows, as simply as what the word says: flows

    it's been a helpful tool that tells me when my trade idea is more inclined to work out versus when I must look to scratch my trade. While OP uses it to pick the strongest/weakest pair to exchange, I use it as a tool to understand when to remain in/get from a commerce

    by way of instance, I place a trade satisfying my criteria (according to my A game), I take action. It's a trade. 3 mins after I'm in, I see eurusd making new highs. In precisely the same time, additional majors are currently ticking up: cadusd, jpyusd, audusd, nzdusd, chfusd. This really is a dollar driven move. Money is flowing from usd, into other currencies/instruments. This really is encouraging my gbpusd (*edited typo) long trade, which makes me reason to keep in it

    one will still need to come up with his own trading egy/method to enter trades. Consider trading if he is struggling in this web of misinformation. Observe just price quantity. zero indiors. Zoom on a greater timeframe, draw simple lines that are straight. When price revisit those lines, focus on the behavior behind price movements on the reduced timeframe. Are participants thinking when price is breaking from a trendline, what exactly are they thinking when price revisits a new high

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