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    If trading longs off service seem to partial depart around 32-43 pips off the swing lows, with stops only below the lows, and maintain.... Tonight's article....

    Yesterday was roughly utilizing the 5-day 50% amount and trading upwards towards the highs, nevertheless, once beneath the 5-day 50% amount all longs were open to Risk, as price was heading ...

    I made an earlier article about 32-43 pips....

    Following the article the market made 3x32 pip rotations until the 43 pip range high completed and sold down....Everytime the market came into the 32 pip lows I re-bought and marketed at the 32-pip highs, until the 43 pip high completed after which I stopped, and ran open positions with stops below lows...

    Being a trader in Sydney I don't frequently have the luxury to trade US market movements, frequently I place my trade, take partial exits around amounts and run stops just outside the amounts, since I know if I'm wrong the market will reverse, but since that is occurring whilst I'm asleep I frequently don't trade them....

    Below is your Daily Ranges on the left, along with also the 32 pip ranges on the best, selling off by the 43 pip drops (white lines)

    Have a good weekend....

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    Dear Frank;

    I read your analysis since the beginning until the end and following the market as well. I think that's a good analysis, at least. It will be good and helpfull if the script to draw the 50 percent (pivot), high, and reduced for both daily dan weekly is available to be downloaded. ;--RRB-

    thanks you, anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dear Frank;

    I read your analysis since the Start until the end and following the market Too. I think that is a great analysis, at least I get the point. It will be great and helpfull if the script to draw on the 50 percent (pivot), high, and reduced for the daily dan per week is available to be downloaded. ;--RRB-

    Thank you, anyway.
    It could be coded for MT4 or you merely use Fibonacci Trader. Dynamic Range or Dynamic Fibonacci Range, place for daily, and 3 for weekly and monthly.

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    GBP trend stays down described that the Weekly 50% level....any further weakness that this feeble and anticipation price heading down towards the Weekly lows and then the January lows....

    The Failure of this Weekly 50% level and the push down on Friday indies a lesser low this week, together with the intraday trends defined by the 5-day 50% level and the station lows....

    Whilst trading below Sunday's lows (1.9563) anticipation is price heading down into Monday's lows...

    I don't have any probability transactions on Monday, if Monday's lows support price or breaks heads and lower towards the Weekly lows...

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    GBP moving down into Weekly lows on Monday....

    Once more resistance round the 43 pip high during the down move

    Tuesday's trading anticipation:- price is heading towards Tuesday's lows @ 1.93830, utilize Monday's breakout as resistance 1.94860

    Once again no probability whether Tuesday's reduced will encourage price, because Price is heading towards January lows @ 1.9332

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    Cable bounced off January lows and is going upwards towards February 50% levels....

    Breakout of this 3-day range on Thursday, rising upwards from the 5-day 50% level...

    Breakout of this 3-day range and I would like to see a reversal back down Friday before any uptrend continues next week...

    Upper Resistance levels 1.9792 - (friday's highs 1.9822)

    Looking for a turning back down to the rest of this 3-day top....

    Note: a down day needed a random length, and some reversal is able to move back down farther (5-day 50% amount )

    Don't short trade above Friday's highs, as a Weekly interval can close higher on Friday (bottom-to-top Pattern), as it looks to swing back towards February 50% amounts

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    Whenever the market breaks up down the 3-day lows, as it did on Friday, the expectation is that price would move to the extended low the next day before reversing back towards the break....whether it is going to come down again supplying a'HOOK' day?????

    When we look at Wednesday's range, it might actually supply the breakout on the Upside tomorrowthan any higher moves now. (Yesterday's report)

    Tuesday moved down to the Daily lows, and today Wednesday is going to set up a reversal trade upwards, confirmed with the rest of this 3-day highs...

    Above the Tuesday lows and Weekly 50 percent level, I would like GBP to move up 90-120 pips from such lows. Personally I would like to see it only continue higher breaking up the 3-day highs.

    But I know that price is able to move upwards, but move back down 90-120 pips prior to reversing off the Spiral reduced and breaking high on Wednesday, probably in the US timeframe.

    Notice: Technical Analysis:- trading under monthly 50% amounts and 3-day SELL cycle, there's nothing to suggest any UP move will occur, certain things will need to happen for any Up swing to happen (Breakout)

    As an UP swing to the 5-day 50 percent level from Tuesday lows, and then the failure can certainly last down on Wednesday... (Trading under Weekly 50% level)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Frank of all of the systems I have read about this board, your's look the most pragmatic. It's basically what I try to do, but lacking the expertise and methodology I just eyeball it. Very intriguing things!! Thanks!
    Ticker I have purchased Franks latest publiion Market Trading Market Timing.
    Like yourself with no expertise and understanding the methodology I am finding it rather hard to comprehend where I would enter/exit the market.

    Frank has told me it might take weeks or months to completely comprehend and to be edued to place it into practice.

    Can you or anybody else here have a more clear explanation of these books fundamentals.

    I understand most of us talk the same language but that I find when people from other nations clarify things they are not necessarily the same description as I would provide, and are consequently harder to understand just because phrases are used in another context.

    Incidentally I am from Scotland residing in England, Franks from Australia and that I see your from America.
    Even in a persons own country descriptions differ from area to area which at times complie things.

    Hope you understand what I mean.

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