$1 lottery - Learn to trade with Nano account
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Thread: $1 lottery - Learn to trade with Nano account

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    In my view to learn Forex we do not require large investment, we could begin low as $0.50 and learn, demo is good for testing but it really isn't the ideal instrument for studying. In actual world we've slip, spread spike, etc.... but demo have non of these. Demonstration is a real world but dwell account is at.... World (un fill the blank as u want )

    I must thank chicky for inspire me to begin this new project.

    Project conditions

    1. No daily/weekly/monthly target
    within my expertise Target lead to anxiety, so let it go free
    2. Trade any pair which have potential to give return, I favor Gb/au unfortunately oanda spread very high with this particular pair
    3. Lot size = I will be investing 5 ~ 50 currency unit per $1 (1lot = 100,000 unit)
    4. Leverage = 50
    5. Goal with balance of $1 and minimum of 100 trades after 1 year (making does not mean will have it @ conclusion )

    Thread term
    1. Be polite
    2. Respect every 1
    3. This is a G rated thread, so please utilize language that suitable for all audience

    Deposit = $1 (25/10/2013)

    now I have bought $1 lottery ticket, I must wait 1 year to get outcome, u never know I could win jackpot

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    , Alanamc welcome to the ribbon

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all Great thought mohan Wanted to as what lot size you trading?Is it 0.001 or what? Fantastic luck I wish you the best
    mostly 20 currency unit (.001 = 100 device )

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    time to Shut book for our account Can grow 15% this week (13.5% for the month ) Today our tree have Increased 24.9%, I do Not like to Exchange Not For profit (NFP), we Could walk next week

    ps: By December I will Attempt to post trades (now I am away from home)

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    Hi mohan,

    Good thing that you closed early that poor EU trade.
    Congratulations to your good outcomes, any chance for people to ear what technique/system you use?

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    I am bank in Australia, Last week little draw back, dropped 6.x%, I will begin trading after I am settle down

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    Last week had tragedy, over confident trade for account, when I wake up it was -150 pip, end up penalizing all 4. X% of capital

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