Anyone using high leverage successfully?
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Thread: Anyone using high leverage successfully?

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    From the BWILC publication, the author states that if you use high leverage,
    for example 100:1 or more you will fail and that you ought to use at
    most 4:1 leverage. Is anyone in the FF forum trading successfully
    using very high leverage?

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    The reason why I use leverage, the rich use it. If it is not understood by you, Don't use it. If you know it the reason to use it is quite clear. I mean no harm in what I an expression. A lot of people have lost a account because of leverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    what what? LOL

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    High leverage means small margin demands. Accounts with leverage should be used only by disciplined traders, that know the risk involved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand many men and women who laugh at sensible statements. The majority of them have very little money or no money at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    High leverage means small margin requirements. Accounts with leverage ought to be used only by disciplined traders, that know the risk involved.
    Some disciplined traders are very good at making little cash. Disciplined traders that make a great quantity of money understand how to use leverage in more than one way. My heart goes out to individuals who wish to make more money but refuse to explore the use of higher leverage.

    Keep in mind I've heard from very wealthy men and women. It would be wonderful to find another similar.

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    Wise statements are pondered by wise people.

    Have you been thinking? or not.

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    For all you who have read BWILC, you seem to have missed the explaination on currency management of the author, or misunderstood. He differentiates between Leverage and Gearing. Although similar they may have a effect on your account. I will explain the gap between both how I knew the goals of the author.
    Leverage means, when I have $1 I will control X number of $'s
    Eg: 100:1 Leverage means if I have $1 I will control $100.
    Gearing on the other hand refers to account size.
    EG: When I have a $10,000 account balance and may control $100,000 that is certainly a gearing of 10:1. Saying that, if I cope at a $10,000 lot my gearing is 1:1 and recieve $1 per pip and it has cost me $100 to start a transaction, my leverage remains 100:1.
    Hope this helps!

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    The inquiry is,

    anybody using high leverage successfully?

    The response is,


    However, not very many.

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    I Believe leverage is Really a disaster if you had $250 and 400:1 leverge you Can do a 1 lot and blow off your entire account with 25 pips on one trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I think high leverage is a disaster if you had $250 and 400:1 leverge you might do a 1 lot and blow off your whole account with 25 pips on a single commerce
    Then have a 10.000$ and perform 1 lot. How about that? And in addition to that, your margin requirement for 1 lot will still be 250$. No wonder 80 percent of you fail if you can not grasp concepts such as leverage. .

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