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    The way I tap into intuition the Art of Play

    For entries: The initial 1/5 of my position could be based off nearly anything. I have a record of 10 things I am searching for. I am in, if any among the 10 triggers. Intuition is one of them.

    The rest 4/5 is quite specific and based upon price arrangement.

    For exits: whenever the trend is mixed or price is ranging, my intuition tends to work better to identify favourable exits and place where I need to reverse. When the trend is one-sided I generally ignore everything and just focus on particular price action signs to exit.

    I think that it's extremely important that we incorporate the freedom for creativity into our trading approaches. Research as shown that performance is improved when we are motivated by:

    1. Perform: the action itself is pleasurable
    2. Goal: performing the action helps achieve a value.
    3. Possible: performing the action helps to achieve a value indirectly

    and our operation is reduced when we are motivated by:

    1. Emotional pressure: anxiety, anxiety, shame, guilt, and ego
    2. Economic pressure: monetary reward or other outside incentives.
    3. Inertia: unwillingness to budge the status quo -- only do the exact same thing without thinking.

    It is no wonder that most traders fail because traders put their self to the market and place themselves under stressful circumstances and focus heavily on the monetary reward.

    How can you create trading more enjoyable in itself? How can trading help you achieve personal growth and advancement? Why do you trade?

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    When you begin to enjoy...

    The detailed Pre-market preparation;

    The pre-session visualisation;

    Putting on the right transactions;

    Taking the right risk;

    Waiting for the good entries;

    Conceding small losses;

    Stalking for your best exit;

    Journalling about the session;

    Documenting your Playbook transactions;

    Recording your data;

    Placing daily and daily targets

    more than you love

    making money, that's when the

    little grains of sand begin adding up.

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    Be courageous and do the ideal thing.

    Act responsibly.

    We could all be a little braver, a little happier.

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