WEE!! Tradin currencies....(15 min, PA based journal)
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Thread: WEE!! Tradin currencies....(15 min, PA based journal)

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    Hi everyone, welcome to my journal.

    I will be trading exclusively 15 minutes PA, across 21 pairs.
    These transactions will be taken on live account, but using only a very small portion of my balance. IE, basically demo. Will be posting reside trades, though I am sure I will not post all them, because of rate they proceed.

    A little about my trading career. I've traded pretty heavily for about 3 years now. Have had some success during the past couple of months, investing in a method quite like PA.. Overall though, I'm beginning to have somewhat frued. The previous 2 months or so I've felt like literally every single day may be the day I really break loose, and never look back. But alasit hasn't happened. Every buck I make I must struggle for.... Like you would not think. I feel as that I have hardly any weak spots , yet where is the $? . So, that being said, I'm beginning to wonder whether my old method just isn't quite enough. While I will continue to trade my old method live, complete balance etc, but I will be dediing a good amount of time to lower TF PA.. I exchanged lower TF PA awhile back, basically the exact same equity chopness I am experiencing today. I know for a fact, I'm WAY better today, I was afterward though. So hopefully it'll be a more profitable method.

    Anyway, enough rambling. Great trading all.

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    A little bit conservative however. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    A little bit conservative however. .

    Out today, pulled it two pips or so from TP. Approached same area before, if of dragged it the first time, could see it on hourly resistance only a sliver away. Moved to b/e and barely dodged that. Need to have things perfectly the first time, so that I don't screw up and worst of all stress. Can tell this is going to be quite tough...

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    Nothing yet, sigh.
    Ones I handed for a Variety of reasons.

    Straightforward one here, but high early oriental period spread.

    This one was good, but I did not like the traffic at 85.90. I had been considering playing a rest of the level, but opted against it. Decided to wait for a feeble green bar, also play the rest, but it never came.

    This one drove me nuts. Wanted in, for obvious reason, but couldn't figure out a decent way to manage it.

    This one, iirc, was correct before I was going to pass out. Do not want to wear a trade prior to bed, unless it was really excellent.

    And this particular one, likely perhaps the most legit pass of all? Maybe, maybe not... I wanted a little bit bigger of a bar.

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