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Thread: Cash rules everything around me

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    Got in to the trade Depending upon the Urge waves between 1 and 1:30 am here time (PST)

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    No idea what to think now that EU broke through the 50, stop loss put to a safe level. Really just got hit as I typed, in profit, but I was hoping for that 00 this time. I haven't quite figured out my exits so they are somewhat random at this time. I still think it might go all the way, but I'm not sure enough to stake money on it

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    In long AUDUSD, love the double best on m5 a few of hours back, hopefully lots of orders there. Nice tight SL and another long above the double top.

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    I find alot of times if price gets close enough to some crucial technical level at which people will put stops it will cruise right through, the issue is determining those levels and how well they are protected. There's a post towards the end of the specialized analysis fallacy that depicts urge waves in action I loe helped me alot in Learning How to read short term changes in the market

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    If this 5m doesn't make it through, It Might Be time to Escape

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    So far as I know it, the market is a search problem, together with liquidity as merchandise and price as advertisement. I probably raised all off this Darkstar or some other edued member, but what the charts are really saying is, who'll exchange with me? I am in a new long in AUDUSD however this one is just a scout. There does not appear to be any liquidity up top, so it's having some difficulty, but it just looks wrong if it does not follow a little bit. Market memory is important here, it is going to be big players seeking stops at another level. They Ought to find a few at 9140

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    Or maybe I'm an idiot. If anyone knows, do be sure to tell me.

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    I often don't listen to my words. It's difficult to not get to attached to a trade. THere was more economical liquidity below where everyone in the past few moments was putting SL's (myself included)

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    Last 21, so did the stop search towards the begining of the American session in EURUSD ruined anybody else?

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    Primarily, I'm beginning to receive bearish on AUD/USD to the long term. These upcoming weeks will be crucial in determining the longer term path.

    -It can not appear to progress much past 9200

    -diminished highs, lower lows

    -Possible for a rounding top

    -China and/or Greece situation impacting risk appetite

    I'm not sold on the bear side however, but just started to consider it now. It seems to just be taking too much effort in order for it to try and go higher. Reasons not to maintain this view include: potential for additional Australian rate increases and the achievement of their market in the current states, but as an export-based market who soon might have to loosen economic ties to China in a big way in order to demone solidarity with the US, how much further can it go?

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