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Thread: Cash rules everything around me

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    So hence forth this distance will function as my trading diary, a place for me to come during the long lonely hours behind the monitor. Here you'll loe sentiment, trades and whatever else comes up. I am still very much a beginner, trading intraday because I like it and am equally greedy and fearful, but trying to start a longer term campaign. Love

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    I forgot to add, I am still in the process of establishing my trading style. Thus far it's some kind of a bastardization of FTI's bank trading and James16's price action. I seem at all of time frames and IFR/WSJ however my charts are empty. I would like to learn a bit of what Darkstar is around because it looks like a hell of alot of fun, but I can not say that I am on the road quite yet.

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    So options hurdles at 3400 on EURUSD, I am curious if this break might be the downfall of the Euro, taking a look at the dailys it very well might be. I know everyone is searching for an excuse to buy, but man can it be a bear market. That little newspaper article form Germany inducing the recent fall? Ridiculous. It seems like They're Also looking for any excuse to market

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    This is actually the first time I am hitching in an option play, so we'll see. I have no idea where I will take profit or discontinue reduction. My covetous side is expecting to ride this one all the way, but from the options plays which I've seen so far this week, it seems price often only hovers that level for a bit and then picks the route of least resistance and I do not yet think it is time for the Euro to fall all the way. Most probably I will be taking profit only behind 3400, presuming I have the Chance to take any profit at all

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    Meh, small profits, but badly thought out trades all around. Appears to be key

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    [quote=aeb;3578411]So hence forth this space will serve as my trading diary, a place for me to come through the long lonely hours on the other side of the screen.
    Would you not do better IN FRONT of the screen?

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    And fair enough. Wherever I have been, you're welcome to join me here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    And fair enough. Wherever I happen to be, you are welcome to join me here.
    Thank you. I might just do that.

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    So I am long EJ for a bit, hopefully to 123, it seems the yen pairs often like to touch even numbers, but I will be watching. There should be lots of orders in 122.70 so that I hope to help. I believe this move is mostly in EU, but as it seems to be gunning for 50.

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