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Thread: FX Trading Journal

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    A diary of my charts and thoughts on trading the major currencies.

    Threads I'm curious about and reflect my methodology, (basically supply demand a la Seiden):

    I am at the level of trying to piece all this stuff together to become a consistent and organised, disciplined trader.... Which I am not at the moment.

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    News sends kiwi beating through preceding distribution, makes higher high.

    84.75 Enormous D1 Level.

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    Rock Roll London session with All the Euro ranging.

    Buy order in @ 3274

    This mornings trading:

    Trade 1 long off need amount (range bottom), I am a bit wary first thing on which direction things will go so I maintain the stop tight, additionally, this is 2nd time back to the degree, ceased 5.

    Trade two long back on a swap degree, preceding supply bailing from their shorts. Original target was the top supply degree, it came so I bagged the pips early.

    Trade 3 short order didn't play so I hit it in market. Again my target was that lower demand amount but it went so well I simply moved my stop up and inevitably got ceased.

    Nowadays everything would have hit target anyhow.

    Other items on the burner:

    USDCAD reacting beautifully to SD amounts this morning too.

    Kiwi order in up in these highs along with a need level that if broken could give a swap degree.

    Finally USDJPY collapsed last night, I've got a short order in @ 89.11 however I believe I have missed the ship. (moving lower as I sort )

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    USDCAD short trade.

    Happy with this one as I wimped from EURUSD this morning. Feels damn great to hold to your own target.

    As I type EURUSD has thrown itself off a cliff...

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